Friday, December 22, 2006

Smarter Ideas About Wealth

This is a great video presentation,, by Jason Butler from Bloomsbury Finacial Planning in the UK.

The video introduces the investment philosophy of Bloomsbury, which is the same as my own. In starting my new business I identified Bloomsbury as one of financial planning businesses that I would model my business on.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Financial Planner of the Year

Congratulations to Neil Kendall of Tupicoffs in Brisbane for winning the Money Management/Advance Financial Planner of the Year. See article here

Most interesting is his innovative approach to fees...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Big Chart

This is the best investment education tool I have seen on the Internet! It was created by Mark Hebner and his team at Index fund Advisors. Note that it is designed for US investors. I would love to create something similar for Australian investors, meanwhile I am happy to use the underlying principals to construct portfolios for my clients.

Please contact me (see business card below) to discuss how these principals can be applied to your Investments or Superannuation.

The link again: THE BIG CHART

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The First Online Investment Book?

Frank Armstrong at Investor Solutions in Coconut Grove, Florida claims credit for the first investment book ever published on the Internet! The book, Investment Strategies for the 21st Century, was originally commissioned by GNN's Personal Finance Center and was serialized there from January 1994... "I love finance! I don't think it has to be dull, and it doesn't have to be mysterious. I want Joe Sixpack to read, enjoy and profit from the revolution on Wall Street." says Frank. "Investors of very modest means can construct portfolios which rival the sophistication of multi-billion dollar institutions..."

Friday, December 01, 2006


...this was headline at Robin Bowerman's Smart Investing blog this morning. READ ARTICLE.

Robin's articles also appear on the Vanguard Website. Some very good advice and observations...

Also in the inbox from Vanguard this week is a new video:
  • Why chasing performance is a loser's game
    "Though you be swift as the wind, I will beat you in a race", the tortoise harked to the hare. The tortoise proved his doubters wrong, when slow and steady he did win the race. While investing isn't a race, Aesop's fable can teach us a thing or two about investing. Long-term investing isn't about chasing the hottest performance. It's about taking a long-term view and staying the course.
Finally, following the same themes, Vanguard have put together a list of investing tips:
  • Secrets of successful investors
    More often than not, get rich quick schemes end in tears. Seasoned investors don't get distracted by the latest investment fad or market noise. Instead, they use tried and true investment techniques that work. Investing often, diversifying and keeping an eye on costs and tax are just some of the strategies they use to get ahead...