Thursday, March 31, 2011

Planner-blogger draws on fun to deliver advice

Park City • In the beginning was the word, written down in droves of books, magazines and fact sheets for anyone aspiring to riches to read.
Then along came Carl Richards.
You may know the Park City financial planner if you’re a fan of Bucks, The New York Times blog that helps readers puzzle out the mysteries of personal finance and make the most from their money.
Richards’ sketch-filled blog posts appear each Monday in the Times’ online business section and often in the Best of Bucks feature that runs in the newspaper on Saturdays. The posts draw large numbers of comments and are consistently picked up by the section’s home page, the most valuable piece of real estate with the biggest viewership.
“He is one of the strongest thinkers on how people handle money that I have ever run across,” said Ron Lieber, who edits the Bucks blog( and writes the newspaper’s Your Money column...