Friday, June 10, 2011

Thiel Foundation Fellows

from Brian Caufield's SHINY OBJECTS blog at (25 May 2011)

Peter Thiel, the man who founded PayPal, funded Facebook, and mentored many of the entrepreneurs leading Silicon Valley’s post-bust boom may have just stuck a very sharp needle into the fast-inflating higher-education bubble.
On Wednesday, Thiel announced the appointment of twenty-four Thiel Fellows. It’s a diverse group of tinkerers, troublemakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and idealists. Sorting through the more than 400 applications for the program “made me a lot more optimistic about this country,” Thiel says.
The common denominator: they’re all under 20, and they’re all opting out of the college experience as we know it. Instead of sitting through college lectures, they’ll be exploring on their own. During their two-year tenure, each fellow will get $100,000 from the Thiel Foundation. Perhaps more valuable: they’ll get access to Thiel’s network. This is the guy Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg calls for advice.