Friday, August 17, 2012

On discovering the complexities in life...

Reflecting on the last minute of Jon Ronson's TED talk (from 17:00):
"...the grey areas are where you find the complexities. It's where you find the humanity. It's where you find the truth."  

In his latest book, The Psychopath Test, Jon explores the unnerving world of psychopaths -- a group that includes both incarcerated killers and, one of his subjects insists, plenty of CEOs...

Cute cartoon "Disasters" by Andrew Matthews (not me!)

How to Level the Playing Field for Introverts and Extroverts

How to Level the Playing Field for Introverts and Extroverts

“The fantastic success of Susan Cain’s Quiet demonstrates that she has  tapped into something very important in our culture and our society at this moment in history.

Inevitably, corporations and many other kinds of organizations will realize the implications of Susan Cain’s work for their practices and cultures. Here are some very preliminary suggestions of what organizations might do  to better “hear” introverts who may be “quiet” but still have tremendous value that they bring to the workplace each day...

How TED Makes Ideas Smaller - The Atlantic

How TED Makes Ideas Smaller - The Atlantic

In 1874, the inventor Lewis Miller and the Methodist bishop John Heyl Vincent founded a camp for Sunday school teachers near Chautauqua, New York. Two years later, Vincent reinstated the camp, training a collection of teachers in an outdoor summer school. Soon, what had started as an ad-hoc instructional course had become a movement: Secular versions of the outdoor schools, colloquially known as "Chautauquas," began springing up throughout the country, giving rise to an educational circuit featuring lectures and other performances by the intellectuals of the day...

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Robert Hughes: The writer who saw into the modern

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...Considering him, now, I'm reminded of Hilary Mantel's take on Thomas Wyatt. Mantel writes through Thomas Cromwell's narrowed eyes but it reads like her own statement of love, her own billet doux to the writerly life:
He writes to warn and to chastise, and not to confess his need but to conceal it…
He is perfectly equipped as a courtier but he knows the small value of that.
He has studied the world without despising it.
He understands the world without rejecting it.
He has no illusions but he has hopes.
He does not sleepwalk through his life.
His eyes are open…

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